Why CSS Layout Is Better Than Tabled Layout

It’s really difficult to explain to your client why he ought to want his website coded using CSS layout rather than outdated tabled layout. The person usually knows only very little (or absolutely nothing) about HTML or CSS. It’s best to give him/her few reasons anyone without coding experience or knowledge can easily understand. He/she needs simple answers to complex questions.

Attractive Website

This is the best answer and will persuade almost every client. Everyone wants to have beautiful, modern looking website. The reason why to use CSS isn’t just to make a text bold, italic or underlined. The true reason is tables just cannot create so stunning visual experience. Show your client few professional and modern looking websites and say: “This is done with CSS.” I can guarantee almost everyone will be convinced right away.

Make More And Save More Money

What if you still haven’t convinced the client? Don’t worry, this will do it. Everbody wants to gain profit from his or her website but most of the people think that all websites have equal profit potential. The truth is that cleaner and semantic code that separates content from presentation is more valuable and it will rank better in search engines. That means more traffic, more customers and finally more money!

On top of that, CSS will also save your money in a longer run. Sooner or later, you’ll certainly want to change something about your site – whether it be color scheme, font or anything else. Instead of editing every HTML or PHP file by hand you’ll just need to edit the stylesheet and you’re done. It’s less time consuming and will save you much money especially when you are hiring a professional coder to modify your site.

Think Forward

The Internet keeps changing from day to day and so do browser capabilities. CSS is a guarantee of longevity and endurance. CSS protects your site from becoming outdated too soon. It protects your investitions and business interests. When your potential client finds out that CSS will ensure his website’s future and capacitate it for future growth, you won’t need to convince him further.

Blind People

“CSS helps blind people.” Mentioning that when discussing the layout will help a lot. Businessmen don’t like to be seen as ones limiting opportunities of disabled people. That would ruin their reputation. They will come to a conclusion that making their website accessible to blind people will shape their image as a highly professional and smooth company. “It will make things look shiny and reliable,” they will think. And rightfully so.


Of course there are instances where tables will do better job than CSS. Over and above, some things can be done only in tables (I might write about that in the future). When you see that tables would be a better solution be fair about it and tell it to the client. But honestly, those are only extreme cases. Most of the time, the CSS will do better. The only problem is that people still don’t know what the acronym means (even though it’s been around for quite few years). They are familiar with the HTML but don’t know what CSS really is about. That’s why you need to give theme simple and persuasive answers when they ask something like: “Why not use tabled layout on my website?”. The four I’ve listed will do the job sufficiently.

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2 Responses to Why CSS Layout Is Better Than Tabled Layout

  1. SCE says:

    Very nice :) btw very good tips i will use them. Some of them i did not knew.

  2. Luke says:

    I wasn’t aware of all this. Apparently I’m still stuck in the early 2000s. Gotta get with the times.

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