Visual Searching?

SearchMe is a new interesting search engine and it seems like it could become a serious player. But how is it different from other search engines like Google or Yahoo? It offers visual searching.

Right. Once you type in what you are looking for, instead of ordinary list of related websites you’ll see the actual screenshots. That will help you decide whether the site is relevant to what you’re looking for or not without clicking on any link. Additionally, as you start typing - categories appear that relate to your query. That can save some time, too. Of course besides visual searching you will get also standard text search results.

They have already around a billion indexed sites. That’s good start - it’s negligible compared to giants like Google but remember it’s still in beta. We’ll see if it will pull off. I’ve already signed up for a private testing and I’m awaiting invitation within next few days. I will be then able to give you more information.

One Response to “Visual Searching?”

  1. Just applied for the beta myself. Thanks for the link.

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