Using Drafts In WordPress

I really like this feature. It’s extremely useful and saves lot of time. Sometimes I get new ideas for posts while I’m just browsing the net or checking my favorite blogs/forums but the problem is that I usually don’t have enough time to write the post right away or simply I’m just too tired. That’s exactly the situation when this handy feature becomes very helpful. I just log into the wordpress admin panel, open a new post, fill in a title and few sentences containing as much information as possible so I won’t forget the idea. Then I save it as a draft. Once I’m in a mood to write a new post I just open my drafts and choose one of the brainstormed ideas I’ve accumulated. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So How Does It Work?

It’s pretty intuitive and straightforward. Just open the new post and fill in the tile and few sentences that describes the idea. Now save the post without publishing it. You can access your drafts from the dashboard by clicking the link in the “Right Now” box.

Using Drafts In WordPress

As you can see it’s not difficult and it will save you lot of time. Instead of spending about half an hour trying to come up with an interesting idea you’ll be able to start writing immediately. But remember not to leave unfinished posts for too long because it can easily happen that even from the title and short description you won’t be able to understand what you meant to write about. For example, I have abandoned an unfinished article called “Webdesign And Typography” for too long (almost a month) and when I have actually decided to finish it I couldn’t remember what exactly I meant to write about.

Finally, don’t delete your drafts even though they make no sense at all to you. Just leave them sitting there and maybe you’ll be lucky and the original idea will pop up in your head again.

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