New Look

Hello everybody. If you have already visited this blog before you must have noticed some big changes going on around. I have created absolutely new design. I have kept the previous color scheme though I’ve smoothed the colors to be easier on eyes. In addition, I have tried to make the content more organized - reduced number of categories and more comprendious sidebar. Hope you like it. You can download my previous theme for free here. Enjoy!

Secondly, I have started to use the Entrecard in order to exchnage relevant traffic with other bloggers. You can see it in the “Featured ad” box. I’m also planning to make better comments template. Something similar like at this blog. There are more upcoming changes and few really great ideas in my head so be prepared.


14 Responses to “New Look”

  1. Kuriyaki Says:

    Nice theme. You have been doing a nice job with themes. Wish I could do something like that. I’ll probably take a look around that other theme you gave out and edit it a bit.

  2. Life is Colourful Says:

    If you are going to implement similar to my blog, please keep in mind that “reply to this comment” does not work with my comments. Even after adding relevant plug-in, it denies to work in the expected way. Apart from this problem, everything looks very good with my blog’s comments.

  3. Kuriyaki Says:

    Is there a way to remove reply to this comment? For your specific theme?

  4. admin Says:

    Yup. You must edit comments.php - there’s all code that has anything to do with comments - just don’t delete something important :)

  5. Kuriyaki Says:

    Sounds good. I’ll probably do that some time around.

  6. SEO Blog Wire Says:

    I subscribed through your RSS feed through Google Reader! Didn’t know what an RSS reader was until I tried it and it looks great.

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks Kuriyaki… I subscribed at your blog by email.

    Life is Colourful: Thanks for info. But I will probably code my own template, I won’t use any plugins… and I’m not planning “reply to this post” function cause I don’t know how to code it yet…

  8. Pavel Linkesch Says:

    New look is great! You pushed your blog on next level.

    There’s only one mistake: on the side there’s no RSS icon only - address is on http://localhost...

  9. admin Says:

    Thanks I didn’t realize that… Now the url should be correct…

  10. John Says:

    Don’t you think, one should have unique design for his own blog?

  11. Life is Colourful Says:

    Hey, this greenish template is looking much better than before.

  12. Pavel Linkesch Says:

    The third template in such a short time? Cool :) This green one is
    super, but the old logo was much much better, I think.

  13. admin Says:

    Yeah I kinda don’t like the logo… I’ll have to think of something better - I’m just out of inspiration… :(

  14. James Says:

    Hey, It’s really nice design, you need not worry about it, Believe
    me it’s such a wonderful design.

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