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Did you know that the UK generated an estimate of 200 million tonnes in 2012? Policies have been made to reduce waste more so at the commercial and industrial level which produce a third of the total waste. Household waste is a leading generation of waste disposal London. This article will list some of the areas to get informed on ways to recycle products leading to less waste production which ends up destroying the environment.


With most people preferring to source information online as its easier and more convenient, organisation have put websites with credible information of how to recycle products. These organisations are categorised into government owned and NGOs leading the campaign on environmental conservation through recycling. Examples include The conservation volunteer in London, Environmental Protection UK, Greenspace information for Greater London, etc.

The thumb rule in choosing any website to source recycling tips is to ensure that its information is credible.


Local newspaper, NGOs, Government institutions and independent environmental scientist have published numerous articles advising on how to do recycling. Some of the top rated articles have been published by BBC Europe, A-Z of recycling which is run by the Westminster city council, Recycling collections in Newham among others.

Just like when choosing a website to ensure that the information is credible. Check reviews and some of the comment on the post.


There are hundreds of books on recycling methods. Any books might be of help as long as it is printed in a language you understand. Here is a list of the books recommended: Cash for your trash by Carl A. Zimring

Urban recycling and the search for sustainable community development by Adam S. Weinberge

Emerald Cities: Urban Sustainability and Economic Development by Joan Fitgerald .

The list goes on.Journal also contain rich information about product recycling.

Making a green machine: The infrastructure of beverage container recycling by Finn Arne

These articles, website and books are written at various levels of understanding. It means that anyone has a source of information about recycling despite their age or education levels. Local environmental authorities is one area to get printed copies of books and journals.

Keep in mind that all the above material are not only meant to inform but advocate on implementing what is learned to achieve the targeted result.

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