How To Make Own WordPress Theme Part V

Congratulations! This is the final part fo my guide and by the time you read this you should be able to code your own wordpress theme. This is mainly a recapitulation of previous four parts. I suppose that you have read through all previus chapters – if not, check them out: Part I, Part II Part III Part IV

You can download the working theme here (just in case there were some typos or you are just too lazy to rewrite codes – though I highly recommend you to actually manually rewrite everything… believe me, you will learn lot of useful stuff). This is how it should look like:

Your Own WordPress Theme
Your Own WordPress Theme

As you can see the theme is very simple. But that’s alright. The aim of this tutorial was to teach you how to correctly code the wordpress theme. Now you can start playing with stylesheets and modifying the looks as you wish. You are on a good way to become a successful wordpress theme developer.

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