2008 Color Trends

The new year has brought us a lot of new interesting webdesign trends. Though it seems that color schemes haven’t changed that much. Fasion Trendsetter has presented their conception of the ideal color schemes for this year’s upcoming spring and summer.

2008 Color Trends

It is divided into two volumes (Vol. II and Vol. III).

Spring/Summer 2008 color trends Vol.02 have all the strongest hues for the summer regarding the brightest whilst darkest color tones freshened by split complements. Vol.03 is much more like a candy store. Colors reminding of everyone’s childhood while keeping up the pinks and blues screaming out; “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”…

Of course we cannot take this too serious and it might easily happen that websites will adapt some totally different color shemes this year (let’s face it - webdesigners don’t care much about fashion trends). However this can give you some basic idea about what professional designers think this year’s summer will look like. For complete set of 2008 color trends click here.

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