Blogging Guide Part V: What Not to Do As You Blog Away

If you want to earn, start an online business or just to gain a following for some reason, then blogging could be for you. However, there are some things regarding blogging that you must avoid as much as possible.

One of the things you must remember when you blog has something to do with your host site. You must remember that these host sites have terms and conditions and you must always follow them. Some people would wonder why their blog gets shut down, what they may not know is that they may already have broken some law of the host site which resulted tot heir shut down. If you want your blog to flourish, always follow the rules set by your host.

You should also avoid posting sub-par content or stuff that is really useless. Tell your avid readers something new. People would want to keep on returning to your blog when you post entertaining or exciting stuff. Don’t be afraid of highly competitive niche. If you will work hard, you can succeed.

Try to avoid arguing with visitors of your blog. Sometimes people may leave harsh or silly comments but if you argue with them it will lead to nothing. Try to respect their opinion and the rest of your readers will trust and respect you more.

You should not give false information to your readers. Make sure that all your posts are true and accurate. Giving false information will destroy your reputation and people will think that you are an ignorant blogger. If you want to build trust with your readers, you will need to provide quality and accurate information.

You should avoid plagiarism or copying what other bloggers write. The more original the posts and information you give the more likely would it be for you to build a bigger reader base.

Try to give all your information for free. Do not be shy to use few ads to earn some extra bucks (once your blog will get bigger, you will have to invest much more money into hosting and related stuff), just do not overdo it or your readers will be annoyed by it.

Try to avoid attacking someone or something on your blog. If you want to criticize a person or a company, do it in a subtle manner. People will be more interested in reading constructive criticism.

Alright. This is the end of my blogging articles serie. I hope this guide will help people who want to start they own blog and need some general blogging information to pull off. But also experienced bloggers might find many interesting tips here.

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2 Responses to Blogging Guide Part V: What Not to Do As You Blog Away

  1. Ankit says:

    Hey Again

    It was a good informative 5 article series on blogging but somehow I feel that something is missing… probably could have gone into more details…

    just a thought… :)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for critique… I know it was pretty general. It was meant as a starter guide for blog newbies that don’t know much about bogging and such. Surely I will go more into details in my future articles. ;)

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