Blogging Guide Part I: The Value of Blogging For Businesses

This is the first part of my ultimate blogging guide. Get ready for another four continuations! We will start with some basic information about blogs and blogging.

A blog is an online journal or weblog wherein people would be able to write their day to day sentiments, adventures, or whatever other things that they may want to express on the internet. Blogging used to be more of a somewhat personal commentary on one’s own life, beliefs and events; however it has now been revolutionized and is also used for various business and personal agendas alike.

Because of the rapid progression of the online business industry, blogs have quickly become the most effective and yet inexpensive form of advertising. Business blogs are basically used to advertise the products or services of a web site or an online store in order to help increase their online sales. Below are some reasons why you should include blogging in your online marketing strategy.

Blogging is non-technical and is very straightforward. It is like you have your own virtual piece of paper wherein you could write your experiences, ideas, products and services and let them be known to the world. Since there is no proper format to be followed, bloggers will have the freedom to creatively express their feelings and use whatever writing style they may feel comfortable with. This would allow almost anyone who has a computer and has access to the Internet become a blogger.

Blogging is not only personal but is authentic as well. Blogging is about real people sharing real life experiences without getting paid for advertising. Reading about products and services on an online blog has a somewhat more personal appeal. By reading a blog it will sometimes feel like talking to a person face to face.

Blogging is free. Most blog sites have minimal restrictions and offer free services. After registering your account which would take less than ten minutes, you will be able to start blogging already. For new businesses, any opportunity for more free advertising on the web is always a plus. Paid blog sites have even fewer restrictions and are most ideal to use if you want to grow your business or generate more income.

Blogging will help build credibility. By consistently posting quality materials on you blog site, people will view you as an expert and will think that your business is a leader in your field.

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