30 Day Blogging Challenge

Are you up to a great challenge? I mean a blogging challenge. When you succeed, your blog will rank better in search engines, you will gain hundreds of backlinks and a dramatic increase in quality traffic. Are you interested?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about 30 days full of hard work. However it will pay off greatly after your initial one month time investment and the results will last much longer after that. Where did I get this idea? I’ve came across a very interesting article and it really captured my attention.

The core of this challenge is to make at least one post each day for a month. But that’s not all. You must also leave at least one quality comment at other blogs with similar niche every day (no spam comments of course). It’s a brilliant way how to get your blog more popular. There are few reasons why it will work. Firstly, it will get you noticed by search engines and readers as an active blogger. Secondly, you will gather up bunch of a great content and many quality backlinks from well respected blogs within your niche. Finally, you will train your writing skills and become used to periodical posting.

If you don’t give up, you’ll see wonders. There’s a nice graph at Affiliate Confession – that blog used this method and the number of daily visits came from 5 to 180 in just 24 days!

So, are you up to this? It won’t be easy but it will pay off. I’ve already decided to take this challenge in a near future. Not from this day but soon. I will make a post with official announcement once I start it off. Meanwhile, I hope you will consider giving it a try and joining me in my ambitious effort.

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5 Responses to 30 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. I’d love to try this out but with upper div courses in CS…work, performing my duties as officer in a club, it’s difficult. That’s why I carefully plan out my time to how much I can dedicate to blogging.

    Also, leaving comments on other blogs does help! I’ve been leaving comments here and there and they help as not only backlinks but bring few traffic as well!

    I’ll probably try this during the summer when I only have one thing to do! Either way I wish you the best and good luck!

    Try to comment the latest posts on the blogs you comment, thats where visitors go most!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks. I’m also going to wait a while until I got few things sorted out and then I’ll try it…

  3. I’m thinking about making my stats public you know? So people could know if my methods are really working in the long run. Except mine will be more longer term than your blog as you update more often.

  4. John says:

    SEO blog wire, i never suggest you to make your state in Public, this does not make any sense.
    Rather than you should show listings in SERP’s for your targeted keywords for your website. It really works.

  5. James says:

    John, is right, you can show your ability through SERP’s listings,
    not by traffic, for traffic there are many reasons, posting in so
    many forums, and having back links through you are getting hits,
    may be through paid links also you can get the traffic, that is
    totally black hat tactics. You should not show your traffic in

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